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Mudsmith Gauge Wheels For No Till Planters

Mudsmith gauge wheels no till planting40% Thicker, Semi-Pneumatic Gauge Tires

Imagine gauge wheels for your no till planter that are 40% thicker, semi-pneumatic, and give you 20%-80% longer life!

That is what MudSmith gauge wheels can deliver, along with high-quality construction and a super-rugged rim and hub. Invented on a family farm in South Dakota, MudSmith wheels are the most plug-free planter wheel design on the market today, which can reduce equipment repairs and planting delays.

The MudSmith gauge wheels for planters are available in various widths: 4.5 inch width, 3 inch width, and 2.5 inch width.

Known for their high-quality construction, MudSmith gauge wheels have an open-rim design, which sheds mud. Thanks to thicker rubber, MudSmith tires last longer than the other brands. Yet, their semi-pneumatic composition makes them softer and pliable, better able to cushion the soil.

MudSmith gauge wheels come in three different types of bearings:

  • bolt-thru bearings
  • roll-pin bearings
  • set-screw bearings

Gauge-wheel drills, such as JD’s 50/60/90/Pro, Case’s PD-500, New Holland’s P-2080/2085, and Case’ SDX, use bolt-thru style bearings.

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