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How To Get A John Deere Drill To Stop Bouncing

For years, farmers have been struggling to improve the performance of John Deere no till drills across uneven terrain, and let’s face it, every field is uneven, to some extent. The most popular “workarounds” have been to increase down-pressure and/or add ballast to the frame of the drill to prevent the typical bouncing that leads to uneven planting and inconsistent crop emergence.

In no till planting, to achieve the highest crop yields, you need to have uniform seed depths and minimal sidewall compaction.

Yet, anyone who has watched a John Deere drill in action has seen the bouncing that occurs across the drill openers, and as soon as you crank up the down-pressure on the drill and/or add ballast to the frame to try to ensure good contact, you risk sidewall compaction, not to mention wear and tear on the drill.

In 2016, we invented an add-on piece of equipment that makes the John Deere no till drills (series 50, 60, and 90) perform more effectively for no till planting: the UniForce.

We named it the UniForce, because it does just that – provides uniform force across the full length of the drill, every single opener, no matter what type of terraces or terrain, no matter how hard and dry the conditions.

How does the UniForce improve the performance of John Deere no till drills? The solution we came up with was simple and elegant: hydraulic pressure.

Thanks to hydraulic pressure, you can get uniform pressure on every single opener on your drill, throughout its full stroke, even if there are depressions in the ground or wheel tracks.

The result? Seeds being planted at consistent depths across all of the drill openers, which leads to uniform stands, consistent crop emergence, and higher crop yields.

Check out our catalog of no till equipment parts – you can view, download a PDF, or we’ll be happy to mail you a catalog.

For information on the UniForce add-on for John Deere series 50, 60, and 90 drills, please call (800) 417-8020, or e-mail

Note: Our company is located in McPherson, Kansas, USA, and we can ship the UniForce anywhere in the U.S., Canada, and throughout the world.