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Tips For No Till Seeding In Wet Conditions

Sometimes, no matter how wet the conditions, you can not wait for the soil to drain. You simply need to go plant.

Perhaps you would prefer to plant in the mud in order to capture the benefits of your leftover snow. Or, you might need to plant in the mud in order to ensure that you have an adequate number of days in your growing season.

Fortunately, at Exapta, we design and sell parts and equipment that make no till seeding in wet conditions easier and much more effective.

One of the main risks of planting in wet conditions is over-compacting of wet soils, which makes it difficult for seedlings to emerge – uniformly, or at all. This over-compaction is typically caused by too much down pressure.

In 2016, we introduced the UniForce, which is a hydraulic down-pressure system designed to make John Deere drills more effective (John Deere series 50, John Deere series 60, and John Deere series 90). Thanks to the UniForce, you can easily change the down pressure on the row units as conditions change, which can help guarantee uniform seed furrow depths and uniform crop emergence.

We also sell other parts for drills and planters that perform well in wet conditions.

Thompson Spiked Closing Wheel
We sell a thin, durable spiked closing wheel that reduces mud accumulation, self-limits the depth of the seed furrow, and easily breaks up the sidewall.

DuraLok Seed Firming Wheel
We sell a narrow, sleek firming wheel for drills that fits the seed furrow better than other firming wheels and resists clogging with mud.

Mojo Wire Stiffeners For Keeton Seed Firmers
We sell a wire stiffener that increases the pressure of a Keeton seed firmer by up to 5 times, and it also reduces mud buildup on the Keeton.

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