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Gauge Wheels For No Till Planters

Mudsmith gauge wheelsMudSmith Gauge Wheels 

Imagine gauge wheels for your no till planter that are pliable, semi-pneumatic, and are 40% thicker, for 20%-80% longer life!

Mudsmith has become the go-to brand of open-rim gauge wheels in North America because of their highly robust, quality construction. Their open-rim design has proven to be excellent for shedding mud. The rubber in MudSmith tires is thicker and lasts longer than other brands, yet they still have a softness or pliability to cushion the soil (unlike some brands that are rubber but have little or no air cavity, and are hard as a rock). Available with 3 different bearings to match your planter: bolt-thru, roll-pin, and set-screw types. Gauge-wheel drills, such as JD’s 50/60/90/Pro, Case’s PD-500, New Holland’s P-2080/2085, and Case’ SDX, use bolt-thru type bearings.

Note: Polyflex tires are now yellow. Please see the new picture below. 

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Polyflex gauge wheel yellowPolyFlex™ replacement gauge wheel tire: combining the strengths and minimizing the issues of pliable rubber and hard polyurethane. With a 3-year warranty, the Poly-Flex™ assures durability for long-lasting wear-life and pliability to conform to your soil type. Click here to buy PolyFlex replacement gauge wheel tires for your no till planter or drill.

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