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Ninja Seed Bounce Flaps

Ninja seed bounce flap for no till plantingClose The Gap, Keep More Seeds In The Furrow

Some popular no till drills come with seed flaps to keep seeds from bouncing out of the furrow during planting. However, John Deere 50 / 60 / 90 drills, and aftermarket flap suppliers for those drills, use a straight, nearly rigid flap, which leaves a triangular gap, through which seeds can easily escape. The more seeds that escape, the less accurate your seed placement will be, and the less likely you will be to get the highest crop yields.

Ninja seed bounce flap no till farming

The Ninja seed bounce flap in the soil.

Why We Designed The Ninja Seed Bounce Flaps For John Deere 50 & 90 Series Drill Boots
We addressed this “gap” issue by inventing a seed bounce flap that is durable and flexible, with a 20-degree forward bend to help close the gap. The forward bend helps deflect seeds downward into the bottom of the seed furrow, before chunks of sidewall and dust can fall into the furrow ahead of the seed. The result: better seed placement. The Ninja flap also helps to keep seeds from bouncing completely out of the furrow, which is a common occurrence with John Deere and other aftermarket flaps.

In addition, the Ninja Seed Bounce Flaps shed mud considerably  better than other seed bounce tabs.

OEM seed bounce flap for use with drills in no till seeding

The forward bend of our Ninja flap keeps more seeds in the furrow, by eliminating much of this gap. The flexible Ninja flap also resists riding up on the sidewalls, unlike OEM and other aftermarket flaps. With the Ninja flap staying down in the furrow better, the gap stays closed.

What The Ninja Seed Bounce Flaps Can Do
These are the highlights of what our Ninja Seed Bounce Flaps can do:

  • help increase crop yields
  • bend without breaking, thanks to our flexible material
  • deflect seeds down into the furrow, thanks to the unique, forward bend design
  • shed mud better than OEM and other competitor seed flaps
  • allow slightly reduced seeding rates, since more seeds end up where they should be

Unique Features Of The Ninja Seed Bounce Flaps
These unique features make the Ninja Seed Bounce Flaps for John Deere 50 / 60 / 90 drills stand out:

  • 20-degree forward bend (puts more seeds in the bottom of the seed furrow)
  • durability
  • flexibility (does not break off and resists riding up the sidewalls)
  • fit standard and extended wear boots (Ninjas do not fit 60 series boots, but these should be upgraded to 90 series anyway)

    Ninja seed bounce flap for no till farming with drills

    The Ninja’s unique forward bend puts more seeds in the bottom of the furrow.

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Customer Reviews For Ninja Seed Flaps

Here’s what our customers are saying about the Ninja Seed Flaps…

“The Ninjas hardly wore at all. They fit down the furrow so much better than other flaps.”
Dave Delhotal
West Brooklyn, IL

“The Ninja seed tabs have made a huge difference to our seed placement and accuracy.”
Ben Wilson
Tocumwal, NSW, Australia
(uses Ninja Seed Flaps on a John Deere 1895 drill)

“After 5,000 acres, there’s hardly any wear. They’ll easily go another season.”
Darin Brunk and Joe Swanson
Windom, Kansas
(uses Ninja Seed Flaps and Ingersoll-Canada blades on a 40-foot John Deere 1890 drill)

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Ninja Seed Flaps Can Be Used With

Ninja seed bounce flaps can be used with the following drills:

  • John Deere 60 Series Drills that have been updated with 90 Series Boots
  • John Deere 90 Series Drills
  • John Deere 750 Drill
  • John Deere 1850 Drill