Parts and equipment to make no till farming easier and more profitable.

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Help Your Seeds Absorb Moisture

The invention of the Keeton seed firmer for no till planting represents one of the greatest pieces of equipment ever to come along. And here is why…

Uniform crop emergence is one of the primary factors that influences crop yields, yet one of the biggest challenges in no till farming is the ability to obtain consistent stands. When all of the seeds have enough moisture to germinate and grow at the same rate, you are much more likely to reach 90-95% stand establishment. Fewer late and/or wimpy plants equal results in better crop yields. And if you know you can get good, consistent stands, you can also cut back significantly on your seed drop, thus lowering your costs.

The Keeton seed firmer, manufactured by Precision Planting, was designed to get seeds where they need to be (at the bottom of the ‘V’ of the seed furrow) and to gently firm those seeds in order to ensure good seed-to-soil contact. With uniform germination comes better crop yields.

Add a Mojo wire to the Keeton seed firmer, and the Keeton becomes even more effective. And here’s the reason why…

The Mojo wire helps the Keeton apply pressure exactly where it’s needed – at the bottom of the furrow. The wire stiffener adds up to 5 times the pressure to a standard Keeton seed firmer, without overly packing the sidewalls or soil over the seed.

The Mojo wire also helps to improve the self-cleaning action of the Keaton, which means you’ll get less mud buildup and seeds that are “locked” into the bottom of the seed furrow.

Designed for planters and drills, we sell Mojo wire stiffeners for “liquid-ready” and “dry” Keeton seed firmer tails, as well as for the Flo-Rite brand of seed firmers.

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