Parts and equipment to make no till farming easier and more profitable.

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No Till Equipment – Parts, Add-Ons, and Products For Drills And Planters

The Best Innovations To Make No Till Farming Easier And More Productive

At Exapta, we sell hundreds of products for no till farming, including many of which we designed ourselves.

Below, you will find a listing of some of our most popular no till equipment.

No Till Equipment For Drills

Our top-selling no till equipment, products, parts and after-market add-ons for drills include:

Uniforce hydraulic down-pressure for no till farming

Hydraulic Down-Pressure System: The UniForce, one of our most innovative no till equipment inventions, is a game changer. Attach it to a no till drill, and you’ll see consistent pressure applied to every opener, in every row. Talk with one of our sales reps about the UniForce, and we’ll be happy to send you our “No Till Seeding School” DVD at no charge – just call us at (800) 417-8020 or e-mail

Thompson wheels for no till drills

Spoked / Spiked Closing Wheels: Our Thompson closing wheels promote the best root penetration by shattering the sidewalls. With this no till equipment add-on, you’ll get faster, more uniform crop growth.

Duralok seed firming wheel for no till farming

Firming Wheels For No Till Drills: Thanks to a sleek, unique shape, our DuraLok firming wheels stay clean and do a great job of shedding mud, stalks, and straw.

Mojo quick attach torsion loop

Wire Stiffeners For Keeton Seed Firmers: The Keeton seed firmer is a handy piece of no till equipment, because it applies pressure where it’s needed – at the bottom of the seed furrow. Our Mojo wire stiffeners add up to 5 times the pressure to Keeton seed firmers and improve the self-cleaning action of the firmers.

Ninja seed bounce flap for no till planting

Seed Bounce Flaps / Tabs: We invented the Ninja Seed Bounce Flap as a solution for the triangular gaps that John Deere no till drills leave in the soil. Unlike other seed flaps, the Ninja is flexible and won’t break off.

Forges de niaux 200 opener blades for no till seeding

Drill Opener Blades: The Forges de Niaux 200 opener blade is an amazing addition to our no till equipment product line. Designed for John Deere series 50, series 60, and series 90 no till drills, these drill openers are strong, sharp, and durable.

Thompson wheels for no till planters

No Till Equipment For Planters

Our top-selling no till equipment, products, parts, and after-market add-ons for planters include:

Spiked Wheels For Closing Systems On No Till Planters: Add this remarkable no till equipment add-on to your planter, and watch the seed furrow sidewalls crumble with ease.

V450 valion xp

Seed Tube Guards: Our Valion seed tube guards are one of our most popular no till equipment options, and for good reason. They have 2 to 4 times the wear life of OEM seed guards, and they help ensure properly shaped seed furrows of uniform depth.

Mojo quick attach torsion loop

Wire Stiffeners For Keeton Seed Firmers: You’ll love the self-cleaning action of the wire stiffeners we designed for Keeton seed firmers for no till planters. More pressure in the seed furrow (up to 5 times as much) and less mud buildup.

Gauge wheels for no till farming

Gauge Wheels: We added these gauge wheels for planters and drills to our line of no till equipment due to their open-rim design, semi-pneumatic tires, and high quality construction.

Click here to view and/or download a PDF of our complete catalog of no till equipment and parts.

Check out our catalog of no till equipment parts – you can view, download a PDF, or we’ll be happy to mail you a catalog.