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Aricks Bushing Kits For No Till Drills

No More Packed Dirt, No Need To Grease

Aricks bushing kits no till seedingOne of the most revolutionary products that we’ve seen for no till equipment comes from Australia and has a nine-year track record of stellar performance: Aricks bushing kits.

The Aricks bushing kits are hugely popular in Australia, and for a good reason. The bushing kits solve one of the biggest challenges of running the John Deere no till drills, which is keeping the firming and closing arm pivots working properly. Around 2009, John Deere upgraded the pivots, but they still can get packed with dirt and be hard to grease.

With a Teflon coating on the seal contact for the firming and closing pivots of the John Deere drills, the Aricks are designed to run dry – no more greasing!

More affordable than OEM parts, the Aricks bushing kits have proven to last as long as OEM, and significantly longer in certain farming conditions.

The Aricks bushing kits work well with:

  • John Deere 50 series of no till drills
  • John Deere 60 series of no till drills
  • John Deere 90 series of no till drills

Add the Aricks bushing kits to your John Deere drills, and you’ll never have to grease again!

Check out our catalog of no till equipment parts – you can view, download a PDF, or we’ll be happy to mail you a catalog.
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Customer Reviews For Aricks bushing kits

Here’s what our customers are saying about the Aricks bushing kits…

“The only greaseless bushing I know of that can be used on the closing joint that does not shift. Worry free maintenance. Equal and beyond longevity to OEM. I’ve been installing these bushings for 3 years and haven’t yet had a call to come out and replace any.”

Ross Hack, Kansas Air Seeder Service

Please note: In addition to Aricks bushing kits, we also sell Aricks row cleaners for John Deere drills. All of our no till equipment, add-ons, parts, and after-market products can be shipped anywhere in the U.S., Canada, and the world.

Aricks Bushing Kits Can Be Used With

  • John Deere 50 series drills
    Note: On 50-series,* the firming arm has a pin welded in – this must be removed and a hole drilled in the arm at that spot (or we can sell you replacement arms), and requires a 50-series bushing kit as the sleeve length is longer than the 60/90-series.

    *Doesn’t fit the earliest 750s.

  • John Deere 60 series drills
  • John Deere 90 series drills