Parts and equipment to make no till farming easier and more profitable.

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Higher Crop Yields In No Till Farming

In all types of farming, higher crop yields are usually associated with greater profitability. In no till seeding, the following steps (all completed in a single pass across the field) all contribute to the yields of crops.

Cutting The Soil
Cutting the furrow in no till seeding The drill or planter must be able to cut through the residue on the surface and slice through the soil to create seed furrows that are at a proper, consistent depth. Getting stand after stand, row after row, to grow at the same rate starts with uniform seed depth.

We designed a seed tube guard that helps to create properly shaped seed furrows. The Valion Seed Tube Guard for planters helps reduce planter blade flex and avoids pinched seed furrows. Pinched furrows prevent larger seeds to get to the bottom of the furrow, even when a firming device (e.g., Keeton) is used. What is worse, the blade flex varies as the opener goes along, since soil density changes every foot or two down the row. Varying amounts of blade flex means varying depths of seeds. Your crop uniformity is ruined before it can get started!

In 2016, we introduced one of our most exciting products – the UniForce Hydraulic Down-Pressure System for John Deere 50, John Deere 60, and John Deere 90 no till drills. No more need for such extreme ballasting on your drill. This innovative hydraulic system exerts uniform pressure on all of the openers, which results in consistent seed furrow depths, far less hairpinning, and less sidewall compaction!

Placing The Seeds
Placing the seed in no till farmingThe goal is to place the greatest percentage of seeds into the exact bottom of the furrow.

We designed a seed bounce flap with a unique, forward-bend design that helps deflect seeds down into the furrow. The Ninja Seed Bounce Flaps do not break or warp like other seed flaps (seed tabs), including OEM flaps.



Firming The Seeds
Firming the seed in no till planting
Just the right amount of pressure, exactly where it is needed (at the bottom of the seed furrow) needs to be applied to get the germination process off to a solid start. We want all the seeds to germinate at the same rate, and grow at the same rate, as their neighbors. And, of course, we want them all to have maximum robustness and vigor.

We designed a wire stiffener for Keeton seed firmers that applies up to 5x the pressure of the firmer. The Mojo Wire helps properly embed the seeds in the bottom of the seed furrow and helps to reduce mud buildup on the seed firmer.

We designed a durable firming wheel (with replaceable bearing) to prevent pulling out seeds and resist clogging with mud on the John Deere 50 series, John Deere 60 series, John Deere 90 series no till drills, and the Case SDX drill. The narrow, sleek hub of our DuraLok Seed Lock Wheel fits the seed furrow better, and there are no bolt heads to snag on vines or straw.  The flexible material of the DuraLok always keeps it perfectly aligned with the furrow, even when seeding around contours, or when opener components are drafting downhill.

Closing The Seed Furrow
Close the furrow in no till seeding
Proper chopping of the seed furrow sidewalls leaves behind loose soil over the seeds and promotes healthy root exploration. If the seed furrow is overpacked, it’s harder for the seedings to emerge and harder for the roots of the plants to penetrate the sidewalls of the furrows.

We designed a thin, durable, spoked wheel to outperform OEM and other aftermarket closing wheels. Our Thompson Wheel, for certain drills and most planters, works well in a variety of soil and weather conditions.

Along with the parts and equipment described above, we have over 100 other products – all of which are designed to produce higher crop yields, last longer, and/or make your life easier!

Check out our catalog of no till equipment parts – you can view, download a PDF, or we’ll be happy to mail you a catalog.

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