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UniForce Hydraulic Down-Pressure System For John Deere 50 / 60 / 90 Drills

Uniforce hydraulic down-pressure for no till farmingUniform Pressure On Every Opener, Throughout Its Full Stroke 

As anyone who has ever used a John Deere 50 series, 60 series, or 90 series drill can attest, there is a serious design flaw – almost no down-stroke! To compensate, you will have to crank the pressure way up, which causes a slew of other problems (excessive sidewall compaction, extra weight needed on the frame, and more).

What if you could use your John Deere drill and get uniform pressure on every single opener, throughout its full stroke? Now, wouldn’t that be great? Well, you can, thanks to our UniForce Hydraulic Down Pressure System.

Why We Designed The UniForce Hydraulic Down-Pressure System
John Deere 50 / 60 / 90 drill openers drills come with springs, and springs bounce and have very little down stroke because the spring is nearly parallel to the arm. Unless the field you are planting is laser level (which, let’s face it, few are), the openers on the drill won’t work correctly. Even the smallest depressions give these openers fits as the spring relaxes a bit and the openers skate out, failing to cut the straw and making very shallow furrows.

The fantastic news is that hydraulics do not bounce! In fact, we have tested the UniForce by leaving one opener on a John Deere drill with its original spring. It’s amazing how much the row with the OEM spring bounces, particularly when compared with the smooth and steady performance of the rows that have the UniForce Hydraulic Down-Pressure System on them. Plus, the UniForce system makes much better use of your frame weight, requiring less ballast (less ballast equals less frame stress and breakage).

Uniform pressure throughout the range of opener travel means better cutting, less hairpinning, less sidewall compaction, and more accurate, consistent seed furrow depth. In other words, better crop yields!

  Oem springs no till farmingWhat The UniForce Hydraulic Down-Pressure System Can Do
These are highlights of what the UniForce Hydraulic Down-Pressure System can do:

  • help increase crop yields
  • exert uniform pressure on all openers
  • obtain consistent seed furrow depth
  • reduce or eliminate hairpinning
  • lessen sidewall compaction
  • easily cut through straw and stalks
  • work effectively on steep terraces and swales, even at high speeds
  • allow faster ground speed with the same ballast, or stay at the same ground speed and reduce or eliminate ballast

  Unique Features Of The UniForce Hydraulic Down-Pressure System
These unique features make the UniForce Hydraulic Down-Pressure System stand out:

  • greater upstroke range on openers than OEM
  • 3-year warranty on cylinders and other components to be leak free
  • large ½ inch drop hoses allow oil to move quickly in and out of cylinders
  • simple adjustment of pressure with a single knob (or upgrade to our in-cab control)


Check out our catalog of no till equipment parts – you can view, download a PDF, or we’ll be happy to mail you a catalog.

For more information on the UniForce Hydraulic Down Pressure System or the benefits of the Uniforce on John Deer or other no till parts and equipment, please call (800) 417-8020, or e-mail

Note that the UniForce can not be ordered online, because we need specific information about your type of equipment. For more information on the UniForce, call us or send us an e-mail.

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Customer Reviews For UniForce Hydraulic Down-Pressure System

Here’s what our customers are saying about the UniForce Hydraulic Down-Pressure System…

“Before installing UniForce, the drill openers looked like a piano board being played. Now that UniForce is installed, it is amazing to see how no opener bounce occurs.”
David Hoar
Campellsburg, Indiana
(uses the UniForce on a 43-foot John Deere single rank 1690 CCS, with 32 openers on 15-inch spacing)

“Last fall was extremely hard and dry for wheat sowing. I was able to hold the depth much better with the UniForce hydraulic system than I would’ve with John Deere springs.”
Alan Aufdemberge
Lincoln, Kansas
(uses the UniForce and Thompson Wheels on a John Deere 1860 air drill)

“We have more flexibility going over terraces now, and not leaving little skips. The openers stay in the ground better.”
Jerry Burger
Palmer, Kansas
(uses the UniForce on a 30-foot John Deere 1890 CCS)

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The UniForce Can Be Used With

The UniForce Hydraulic Down-Pressure System can be used with the following drills and fertilizer applicators:

  • John Deere 50 Series Drills
  • John Deere 60 Series Drills
  • John Deere 90 Series Drills (all widths, all models)

How To Videos For No Till Farming

This 7-minute video shows the UniForce Hydraulic Down Pressure system on a John Deere drill, in the field, on terraces.

This 14-minute video shows how the UniForce Hydraulic Down-Pressure System works on a John Deere drill.