Parts and equipment to make no till farming easier and more profitable.

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No Till Planter Products

No Till Planter Parts

Thompson wheels for no till planters

Spiked Wheels For Closing Systems: We designed a thin, durable spoked closing wheel that is able to crumble the sidewall. Our Thompson Wheel reduces mud accumulation and self-limits the seed furrow depth. Some proven spoke design we’ve used for 20 years, with zinc plating for even longer life and NEW bolt-on star wheel (cost-effective replacement stars). A toe-out wedge is built into the shroud, for easy adjustment.

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Valion xp no till planting

Seed Tube Guards: We designed a seed tube guard that reduces the blade flex, which helps ensure a properly shaped seed furrow so that all the seeds wind up at the same depth. We wanted our Valion Seed Tube Guard to outlast all of the competing products, including OEM seed guards, and ours does just that – providing 2 to 4 times the wear life.

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Mojor wires

Wire Stiffeners For Keeton Seed Firmers: Our Mojo Wire stiffeners increase the pressure of a Keeton seed firmer by up to 5 times! And, as an added bonus, the Mojo wires reduce the mud buildup on the firmer, giving it great self-cleaning action.

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Gauge wheels for no till farming

Gauge Wheels: Replace your worn gauge wheels with a superior solution.

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Many conventional planters have been adapted for no till planting, and we make add-ons, attachments, parts, and equipment that are easy-to-use and improve the effectiveness of the equipment.

Above, and in the diagram below, are some of our top-selling products for no till planting.

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Please Make Note: We sell attachments, add-ons, parts, and equipment for most types of planters, including: John Deere, Great Plains, AGCO-White, Kinze, Monosem, and CASE IH. We can ship all of our no till products and equipment anywhere in the U.S., Canada, and the world.

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