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DuraLok Seed Wheels

Duralok seed firming wheel for no till farmingA Durable, High Performance Firming Wheel With Replaceable Bearings

Not all firming wheels are created equal! The majority of OEM and after-market firming do not fit the furrow very well, leaving some seeds loose in the trench. Most OEM and aftermarket firming wheels do not shed mud well, which may pull seeds out, and the packed-up firming wheel might drag against the gauge wheel of the drill.

None of this is great for no till planting, not if you want to get the best crop yields, with the least amount of hassle, across varying soil conditions.

Why We Designed The DuraLok Seed Lock Wheels
We decided that we would design a better firming wheel, one that was not too narrow or wide, not too rigid or soft…but one that was just right!

We began with highly wear-resistant material so that you’ll not need to replace the firming wheels as often. We narrowed the firming wheel design to fit the seed furrow better and help shed mud, stalks, and straw. We then added “best of class,” custom-built NTN bearings with a triple-lip seal, backed by our three-year warranty.

Only then, were we completely satisfied that we had designed the best firming wheel on the market, one that you’ll be sure to appreciate!

Duralok seed lock wheel with replaceable bearing for no till drills

The DuraLok has a replaceable bearing. But our custom-built triple-lip-seal bearing by NTN is so durable it may never need replacing.

What The DuraLok Seed Lock Wheels Can Do
These are highlights of what our DuraLok Seed Lock Wheels can do:

  • helps increase crop yields
  • resist clogging with mud
  • no dragging against the gauge wheel
  • prevent pulling out seeds

Unique Features Of The DuraLok Seed Lock Wheels
These unique features make the DuraLok Seed Lock Wheels stand out:

  • narrow, sleek hub (sheds mud and vines better)
  • replaceable, high-quality, custom bearings with triple seal (backed by our 3-year warranty)
  • highly wear resistant material
  • the “tire” on the wheel won’t pull out of the rim
  • no bolt heads to snag on vines and straw

    Duralok hub no till farming

    Sleek narrow hub stays clean. The narrow sleek hub sheds mud better because there is more clearance between the hub and the firming arm. Also there aren’t bolt heads sticking out to snag on vines and straw.

Check out our catalog of no till equipment parts – you can view, download a PDF, or we’ll be happy to mail you a catalog.
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Please click here to buy DuraLok seed lock wheels for $55.00.

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Customer Reviews For DuraLok Seed Wheels

Here’s what our customers are saying about the DuraLok Seed Wheels…

“They worked better than OEM and competitor aftermarket firming wheels in wet conditions.”
Scott Arthaud
Keyes, Oklahoma
(uses DuraLok Seed Lock Wheels on a 60-foot John Deere 1890 air drill) 

“They are thin enough to fit perfectly into the seed V and have flexibility. I’ve never seen mud build up on them either.”
John Heermann
Haxtun, Colorado
(uses DuraLok Seed Lock Wheels on a John Deere 1890 drill)

Please note: We manufacture more than 100 no till products that can be shipped anywhere in the U.S., Canada, and throughout the world.  Click the linked text for additional no till farming facts.

DuraLok Seed Wheels Can Be Used With

DuraLok Seed Lock Wheels can be used with the following drills:

John Deere 50 Series Drills
John Deere 60 Series Drills
John Deere 90 Series Drills
John Deere Pro Series Drills
Case SDX Drill