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Mojo Wires For Keeton Seed Firmers

Mojo quick attach torsion loopThis Add-On Part For A Keeton Seed Firmer Applies 3x-5x The Pressure

In order for no till planting to be successful, you would need to apply an enormous amount of pressure to the surface of the soil to ensure seed firming at the bottom of the seed furrow. In fact, to get to 5 pounds of pressure at the seed depth point, you need to apply 50-150 pounds of pressure to the press wheel at the surface of the soil. By applying this extreme pressure, you still can not guarantee a consistent seed to soil contact, which is required for uniform crop emergence. Also, by applying so much pressure, you end up severely packing the sidewalls and soil over the seed, making it quite difficult for the seeds to push through and emerge and more difficult for rooting to occur.

Why not apply a precise amount of pressure, right where it’s really needed – at the very bottom of your seed furrow? In the early 1990s, the Keeton seed firmer was introduced to do just that, yet most Keetons only apply up to 2 pounds of pressure, whereas the seed-lock (in-furrow firming) wheels on modern John Deere 50 / 60 / 90-series drills and some Case SDX drills apply up to 20 pounds of pressure on a similar surface area.

Mojo quick attach torsion zoom

Torsion loops are new for 2019 Quick Attach Keetons are field-proven to expand the lifespan of the Mojo wire.

Why We Designed The Mojo Wire For Keetons For Planters And Drills
In 2006, we introduced the Mojo Wire stiffener, which is one of our least expensive, top-selling products for no till farming! The Mojo wire can add up to 5 times the pressure to a standard Keeton seed firmer. And as an added benefit, it also helps improve the self-cleaning action of the Keeton against the sidewalls of the seed furrows.

Less mud buildup and seeds that are “locked into” the bottom of the seed furrow – this leads to more seeds emerging, more uniformity in the timing of the emergence, and higher crop yields.

Ragged corn stand no till farming

Ragged corn stand due to lack of seed firming pressure, resulting in erratic emergence. Late plants are weeds.

Perfect stand mojo wires no till seeding

This nearly perfect no till corn stand was planted using Mojo wires to apply pressure at the bottom of the seed furrow. All plants are the same size.








What The Mojo Wires Can Do

These are highlights of what our Mojo Wires can do:

  • help increase crop yields
  • increase the pressure on a Keeton seed firmer by up to 5x
  • help properly embed the seed in the bottom of the seed furrow
  • reduce mud buildup on the seed firmer

Unique Features Of The Mojo Wires
These unique features make the Mojo Wires for planters and drills stand out:

  • durability
  • available for “dry” and “liquid ready” seed firmer tails
  • Also available for Flo-Rite brand of seed firmers

Check out our catalog of no till equipment parts – you can view, download a PDF, or we’ll be happy to mail you a catalog.
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Please click here to buy the Mojo Wires for planters, starting at just $11

Click to buy the Mojo Wires for drills, starting at just $13

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Customer Reviews For Mojo Wires

Here’s what our customers are saying about the Mojo Wires…

“The Mojo Wire are the most effective product purchased for my planter.”
Dean Stevens
Fall City, Nebraska
(uses Mojo Wires on a 12-row Kinze 3650 planter)

“With the dry, hard conditions this year, I’m sure the added down force was a good thing. We’re getting good, even emergence.”
Chuck Zumbrun
Churubusco, Indiana
(uses Mojo Wires, Thompson Wheels, and Toe-Out Wedges on an 8-row John Deere 1700-series planter)

“We would not run without the Mojo Wires. They are a must on our farm.”
Dan Forgey
Gettysburg, South Dakota
(uses Mojo Wires and Thompson Wheels on a 16-row John Deere 1700-series planter)

Please note: All of our no till parts, add-ons, add-products, and equipment can be shipped anywhere in the United States, Canada, and the world.

Mojo Wires Can Be Used With

We sell different types of Mojo Wires for no till planters and drills.

Mojo Wires For Planters:

  • Great Plains Planters
  • Harvest International Planters
  • John Deere 1700 series MaxEmerge 5 Planters
  • John Deere 1700 series XP Planters
  • John Deere 1700 series pre-XP Planters (MaxEmerge 2 row units)
  • John Deere 7000 Planters
  • John Deere 7100 Planters
  • John Deere 7200 Planters
  • John Deere Planters
  • Kinze 2000 Series Planters
  • Kinze 3000 Planters
  • Kinze 3110 Planters
  • Kinze 3140 Planters
  • Kinze 3200 Planters
  • Kinze 3500 Planters
  • Kinze 3600 Twin Row Planters
  • Kinze 3600 Planters
  • Kinze 3660 Planters
  • Kinze 3700 24R Planters
  • Kinze 3700 Planters
  • Kinze 4900 Planters
  • Monosem Planters
  • White 6000 Series Planters
  • White 8000 Series Planters
  • White 9000 Series Planters

Mojo Wires For Drills:

  • Case-IH Precision 500 & 500T Drills
  • New Holland Flexi-Coil P-2080 & P-2085 Drills
  • Crustbuster Drills
  • Great Plains Drills
  • John Deere 60 Series Drills (we strongly prefer seed-lock wheels, however)
  • John Deere 90 Series Drills (we strongly prefer seed-lock wheels, however)
  • John Deere 450 Drills
  • John Deere 455 Drills
  • John Deere 750 Drills (we strongly prefer seed-lock wheels, however)
  • John Deere 1520 Drills
  • John Deere 1850 Drills (we strongly prefer seed-lock wheels, however)
  • Krause Drills
  • Marliss Drills
  • Sunflower Drills
  • Tye Drills

How To Videos For No Till Farming

This 30-second video shows how much pressure is applied from a Keeton seed firmer, with and without a Mojo Wire.

This 3-minute video shows different methods of seed firming on planters.

This 2.5 minute video shows how to install a Mojo Wire onto a Keeton seed firmer.