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Customers Love How The UniForce Improves John Deere Drill Performance

In 2016, when we invented the UniForce – an after-market add-on to the John Deere no till drills, series 50, 60, and 90 – we knew we had come up with something special.

But after hearing from our customers, who have been using the UniForce in all types of conditions, with many types of no till plantings, we are even more convinced than ever before that everyone should add this piece of equipment to their John Deere drills.

What our customers have said about the UniForce…

“There is a substantial difference when I look back at the drill and see the units running smoothly – there is no bouncing versus when the opener springs were on. We farm across a lot of terraces and uneven ground. I know I am achieving consistent down-pressure across the entire drill and getting even seed depth across the terrain.”
John Stansbury
Lorraine, Kansas, USA

“Before installing UniForce, the drill openers looked like a piano board being played. Now that UniForce is installed, it is amazing to see how no opener bounce occurs.”
David Hoar
Cambellsburg, Indiana, USA

“Last fall was extremely hard and dry for wheat sowing. I was able to hold the depth much better with the Uniforce hydraulic system than I would’ve with the John Deere springs. We left one opener with the John Deere spring on it, and it was visibly jumping around (riding out), compared with the hydraulics.”
Alan Aufdemberge
Lincoln, Kansas, USA

“We have more flexibility going over terraces now, and not leaving little skips. The openers stay in the ground better.”
Jerry Burger
Palmer, Kansas, USA

“(Before the UniForce) we didn’t like having to apply so much extra pressure to make the springs sorta work when the opener went through a small depression. On our old drill, we broke the frame a couple times and the rockshafts a couple times.”
Lewis Unruh
Peabody, Kansas, USA

“UniForce really made an improvement on my drill. We now are able to keep the openers in the ground consistently. That was the biggest downfall with the John Deere drill, but with UniForce, we solve that issue. In fact, in the same field we were using both the planter and the drill to plant beans, and the beans planted by the drill were two inches taller than the beans planted by the planter. With UniForce, you can do just as good of a job using your drill, and it’s a lot less expensive.”
Ron Small
Monroe City, Indiana, USA

“In hard, dry bean stubble, the UniForce stuck the wheat seeds in there better. The stands were more consistent in wheel tracks and drier areas. Overall, slightly more uniform stands and more uniform emergence.”
Mike Arnoldy
Kennebec, South Dakota, USA


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