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Benefits Of Adding The UniForce To John Deere Drills

In 2016, we introduced the UniForce, one of the most game-changing products for no till farming that we have ever invented!

The problem we were working to solve when we designed the UniForce for no till agriculture, specifically the John Deere series 50, 60, and 90 no till drills? The serious design flaw that there is virtually no downstroke.

The workarounds most farmers have used to compensate for that shortcoming? Cranking the pressure way up and adding extra weight to the drill frame, which leads to other problems, including excessive sidewall compaction and wear and tear on the drill.

These are some of the top benefits of the UniForce:

  • even, uniform seed depth across varied terrains and terraces
  • more consistent pressure on each opener – no need to crank up pressure on the entire system
  • drill openers run smoothly – no bouncing
  • able to hold planting depth in hard and dry conditions
  • doesn’t leave little skips
  • the openers stay in the ground better
  • works well on uneven ground
  • no need to apply extra pressure to make the springs work when the opener goes through a small depression or wheel tracks
  • no need to apply extra weight (ballast) to the drill frame to get it to work better
  • less wear and tear, stress, and damage on the drill frame
  • keeps the openers in the ground consistently
  • more uniform stands
  • more uniform crop emergence
  • better, more consistent contact with the soil
  • more accurate, precise planting
  • less soil compaction in the seed furrow and next to the row


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