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Effects Of No Till Farming On Soil

Every year, no till farming is gaining in popularity, and for good reason! Not only can no till farming reduce fuel costs and labor costs, but no till is also better for the soil.

Because no till planting causes less disruption to the soil than conventional tillage – and keeps the soil covered – the soil is healthier.

Repeated tillage of soil can destroy resources in the soil, whereas the minimal impact of no till farming (also known as zero tillage farming) helps protect the soil.

Below are the primary effects of no till farming on soil.

Less Soil Compaction With No Till Farming
Conventional tillage breaks up the natural soil structure, which makes it more vulnerable to soil compaction. With no till farming, on the other hand, the soil is left in place, and seed furrows are created throughout the field.

Less Soil Erosion With No Till Farming
In general, with no till farming, there is less soil erosion caused by wind and water. Leaving a thick layer of mulch cover (stalks, straw, leaves, chaff, and pods) on the surface of the soil can also help prevent soil erosion.

Less Soil Moisture Loss With No Till Farming
That same mulch cover, or plant residue, helps keep the soil moist and protects against evaporation caused by wind and sun. Less moisture loss means less water usage.

Healthier Soil With No Till Farming
With no till farming, because the fields aren’t tilled, the plant residue that’s left on top of the soil decomposes naturally, increasing life forms and organic matter. Overall, no till farming creates a healthier field ecology.

More Productive Soil With No Till Farming
Bottom line: Healthier fields and healthier soils mean more productive soils, which lead to higher crop yields.

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