Parts and equipment to make no till farming easier and more profitable.

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Great Plains

Great Plains Manufacturing was established back in 1976 in Salina, Kansas where its headquarters is today. Their products include planters and drills that can be modified and improved with Exapta products.

The Thompson Closing Wheels For Great Plains Planters

OEM closing wheels will quickly overpack the furrow in no till farming, especially when soils are damp. This reduces emergence and prohibits root penetration of the sidewall—and that means lower yields. The Thompson closing wheel from Exapta does an excellent job of shattering the sidewall and avoids the pitfall of excessive frame weight that results in overpacking.

Our Thompson closing wheels fit these Great Plains planters

  • Great Plains Yield-Pro Planters

The Mojo Wire Stiffeners For Great Plains Planters And Drills

Packer wheels pushing on the soil surface do little to actually firm the seed into the bottom of the furrow. Using a Keeton seed firmer with our Mojo wire stiffener pushes the seed firmly into the bottom of the furrow, exactly where pressure is needed most. This ensures all the seeds get going at the same time for uniform emergence, which leads to higher yields.

Exapta’s Mojo Wires fit these Great Plains planters and drills:

  • 3-Point Mounted Drills
  • Heavy-Duty Fluted Feed
  • Heavy-Duty Precision

Check out our catalog of no till equipment parts – you can view, download a PDF, or we’ll be happy to mail you a catalog.
For information on the parts, attachments, add-ons, and equipment that we sell for Great Plains equipment that is used for no till planting, call (800) 417-8020, or e-mail

Note: We also sell parts and equipment for Kinze, AGCO-White, Monosem, Case-IH, New Holland, Flexi-Coil, John Deere, and other top manufacturers of equipment that can be used for no till farming.