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Aricks Row Cleaners For No Till Drills

Aricks row cleaner no till plantingNo More Waiting For Straw To Dry

In the dusty, rugged farming conditions in Australia, Aricks has an 11-year track record with its top-notch row cleaners for John Deere no till drills.

We’re the exclusive distributor in North America for this game-changing add-on for no till equipment.

The Aricks row cleaners can expand the times of day you can work, as well as the number of days. If the mulch or straw in your field is too thick to cut, or you can not wait for it to dry out, no problem! Thanks to a robust design, the Aricks row cleaners will dramatically reduce hairpinning and help ensure more consistent seed placement.

Aricks row cleaner installed no till farmingThe drill row cleaners reduce soil disturbance and are great for shallow seeding and heavy mulch. And if you are farming in a cold climate, clearing some mulch out of a row can warm the soil and can be beneficial.


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Customer Reviews For Aricks Row Cleaners

Here’s what our customers are saying about our Aricks Row Cleaners…

“We’ve had them 4 years, and had only one bearing go out — on the outside end of the drill. Other than that, they’ve been trouble-free. No plugging in irrigated stubble. Sometimes a little wrapping in hemp stubble, so we watch them close, but have never stopped a wheel…. They move about 70 – 95% of the residue that we’d like them to move. A lot better than nothing.”

Will Van Roessel

Bow Island, AB, Canada (Aricks row cleaners & Thompson whls on both ranks of a 30-ft JD 1850 on 7.5” spacing)

“Aricks wheels really do eliminate hairpinning and improve the seed-to-soil contact greatly. And I can sow longer at night when conditions become damp.”

Peter Hanrahan

Corowa, NSW, Australia, (Aricks row cleaners on 40-ft 1890 on 10″ spacing)

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The Aricks row cleaners work well with:

  • John Deere 50 series of no till drills
  • John Deere 60 series of no till drills
  • John Deere 90 series of no till drills
  • John Deere Pro series of no till drills

This 2.5 minute video shows dry sowing (dusting in), southern NSW Riverina with the Aricks row cleaners.